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Wednesday, March 31

John Derbyshire has a piece on dentistry in the latest issue of National Review. I sent him the following email, which he posted to NRO's The Corner at 10:03AM, headlined "Reader E-mail of the Day":


I thoroughly enjoyed your piece on dentistry; although I'm not old enough to have endured anything like the sorts of practices you describe, I have had more than my share of work done, culminating in three crowns installed and two wisdom teeth drawn in the last six months. Lately I've been tempted to follow my grandfather's example: In the 30's, he was a pitcher for a semi-pro baseball team in Cleveland, OH. As is common for pitchers, he developed some chronic soreness in his elbow. The team trainer convinced him that friction in the elbow traveled up to the head, was reflected off the teeth and back down the arm, compounding the pain. He advised my grandfather that if he was really serious about pitching, he should have *all* his teeth drawn, which he did, at the ripe old age of 17.


On the other hand, he later posted a second "Reader E-mail of the Day". I suppose that means I've been superseded. But I was on top for over an hour!

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