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Saturday, February 28


Rodeo time has finally arrived in Houston. It all kicked off yesterday with Go Texan Day. Everyone in Houston is encouraged to wear jeans and boots to work to get into the Rodeo spirit. The management company of the office park where I work threw a barbecue for everyone, featuring stuffed patatoes, soft drinks, cotton candy, kettle corn (mmm), and country music.

One of the best things about Rodeo is the trail riders! There was a group camped out at the mall across from my office Wednesday night. It was very cool to see them ride off on Thursday afternoon on their horses and with the wagons. The trail riders have quite a set-up, lots of horse trailers (of course) and a lot of fancy pickups and RVs. This year, for the first time ever, there was a lady Trail Boss for one of the rides. You go girl! (I hate the expression, but it seems very appropriate.)

Stu and I went to the Rodeo Parade this morning, after going to the gym. The festivities kick off with the Rodeo Run (5 & 10K), and then the Rodeo Parade! I'm not a big parade person, but what a fun event. Bands, floats, and those trail riders, 4,800 of them. We also saw this awesome vintage car tricked out with a pair of longhorns, and what appeared to be a leather exterior, absolutely phenomenal, and us without our camera. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison was once again riding, and making her 18th appearance in the Rodeo Parade. Also riding was Houston's new mayor Bill White. If you are a politician in Houston, you better learn to ride a horse so that you can ride in this parade.

Cowboy up!

Thursday, February 26

This here is an excellent video. The title pretty much says it all. I found it at RandomTV.

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What I'm reading now:
'Post Captain', by Patrick O'Brian
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