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Friday, October 31

I have begun construction of my horseshoe pitch. I couldn't decide on a good way of making the stakes; they require a crosspiece of some sort to secure them to the anchor. The original plan was to have S.H., a veteran of the Junkyard Wars, weld me some out of stainless steel bars. But then S.F. suggested making them out of steel pipe with a flange threaded on the end. I will fill the pipe with concrete for a little added strength and to prevent it from filling up with water. The picture shows one of the stakes, which are about 38 inches long, placed into a 5-gallon bucket. The buckets will then be filled with concrete and buried so only the top 15 inches of the stakes remain above ground. Note the foam insulation wrapped around the lower length; this will absorb some of the impact to reduce fatigue and to minimize "ringer loss".

Next step is to fill the buckets with concrete.

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'Post Captain', by Patrick O'Brian
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'The First Man In Rome', by Colleen McCullough
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