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Saturday, October 25

Huzzay! Boring3D is back up and posting new pictures (at a slightly reduced pace).

Through the miracle of Netflix, Heidi and I just finished watching the first season of The Office. It's a British sitcom about a very dysfunctional workplace, shot in a sort of documentary style. The characters put those from Office Space to shame. In particular, the boss, David Brent, has such a knack for embarrassing himself that it's almost painful to watch. As with a lot of British productions, I found it helpful to turn the subtitles on (DVDs rule) even though they're allegedly speaking "English". We highly recommend putting this one in your rent queue.

Wednesday, October 22

Drug Advertising

A couple of weeks ago Stu and I were watching the national evening news and I happened to catch an add for Levitra. As I am sure many of you have noticed the national news has devolved into a few two minute puff pieces between ads for the latest and greatest prescription drugs and assorted medical devices. I wouldn't say either of us actually watches the news, but I always have it on after I get home while going through the mail, petting the cat, and asking Stu how his day went.

I am not sure how I put it together with no indication what the drug does, but the Levitra ad cracked me up. Stu looked over at me like I was insane, because he didn't understand why I was laughing. Somehow I was able to put together some vague memory that the patent for Viagara just expired with the guy in the ad throwing a football through a tire swing (oh the subtlety) and come up with the fact the Levitra was a Viagra competitor. You have to hand it to the advertisers, that football through the tire swing is quite the visual metaphor!

Stu wasn't certain that I was correct, but after a quick peek at the Levitra web site was able to confirm my suspicion.

The other night Stu decided that the message in that ad was just a little too subtle, and suggested an improvement. The frustrated male actor attempts to throw a deflated football through a tire swing. His wife comes out and suggest that perhaps there is something he can do about the situation. He decides to pump up the football using a hand pump emblazoned with "Levitra." After blowing up the football using the "Levitra" pump he is able to throw the football through the tire swing. Get it?

Tuesday, October 21


Oh goodness, has it been a long time since we have added a cocktail to the blog! I guess we haven't been drinking enough lately. We'll be sure to work on that.

Stu and I are drinking Manhattans this evening. Now that the weather has gotten a bit cooler it seems right to drink darker liquors, specifically bourbon (we, the Greenes, recommend Maker's Mark). A Manhattan is just an all around excellent drink. Great before or after dinner, easy to make, and oh so smooth going down!

Another great thing about Manhattans is that the ingredients are highly portable. A few year ago Stu and I took a Manhattan makin' kit on vacation with us to Canoe Bay, which is awesome but doesn't serve any booze, just beer and an extensive wine selection (did I mention no liquor?).

Making a Manhattan is super easy:

2 parts bourbon
1 part vermouth rosso (sweet red vermouth)
3-4 shakes Angostura bitters (optional)

shake or stir with ice and serve in a frosted cocktail glass garnished with a maraschino cherry (or cherries). The bitters can be added to the glass instead of the beaker if some folks prefer theirs without.

Fun Link

Here is a fun link to Japanese ads by American celebrities.

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