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Friday, October 17

I used to think people who wail about how market-standard software sucked and who insisted on using alternative applications were just trouble-making malcontents. But then, on a tip from Kevin Whited's blog, I broke down and tried Mozilla Firebird a few months ago. I am now thoroughly hooked on it, for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • It automatically supresses popup windows.

  • It allows multiple web pages to be opened in individual tabs within the same window. So you can follow a link from a news article, have it open in a second tab, and switch easily between the two without cluttering things up with extra windows. With an available extension, you can have Firebird remember sets of page tabs (perhaps a "morning routine" of news sites) and call them all up at once, loading inactive tabs in the background. Or have it remember what tabs you had open from your last session and reload them on startup.

  • I spent half a day reviewing and installing many of the available extensions, and there are some really good ones out there. My favorite at the moment is one that allows you to highlight text with the mouse, then right-click and search, IMDb, or Amazon (opening the result in a new tab, natch). Another excellent one allows you to highlight a text selection and load all the contained links in new tabs. This is great if you're reading, say, an article which lists the top ten movies and links them all.

Firebird is also often touted as being more web standards-compliant than IE, and in the web pages I have designed I have noticed some differences in how the two browsers display them, but I'm not really qualified to judge the accuracy of that claim.

Sunday, October 12

Owwwww....I got my lower wisdom teeth extracted on Friday and I'm still pretty sore. I did get some pretty fresh painkillers, though - Hydrocodone, which is reportedly one of Rush's choices. It gives one that nice warm glow, but lacks the wonderful golden haze of my personal favorite, Demerol, which I got once for an infected epiglottis.

Heidi did a very good job taking care of me and making sure I took all my meds (and no extras).

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What I'm reading now:
'Post Captain', by Patrick O'Brian
What I read last:
'The First Man In Rome', by Colleen McCullough
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