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Sunday, September 14


Yesterday, Stu and I voted in the special election for amendments to the Texas Constitution. There were 22 Amendments on which to vote and all passed, bringing the total number of Texas Constitutional Amendments to 432 (I believe). Dag, that's a lot of amendments!

Turnout was predictably light. When we walked into the rec center to vote the door slammed behind us startling the poor election judges who had to tear themselves away from the jigsaw puzzles they were working on. Needless to say they weren't very busy. Total voter turnout was around 12% state wide.

As we were reserarching the amendmendments on yesterday's ballot both of us were complaining that having to consider issues such as funding for text books and highway appropriations were making our heads hurt. The things one has to go through to be an informed voter! Ugh, we have go through this every two years.

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