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Friday, July 25

Stu Greene Muscle Car Fund Candidate #4

Today's entry is a 1967 Mercury Cougar. I'm not such a fan of the low-saturation yellow color; it makes the body seams stand out too much. I do love the front view: vertical grillwork, hideaway headlights, and the little Cougar badge are all pretty fresh. I also like the low-angle shifter.

Questions? Check the NBAQ.

This post shall serve as notice that Coudal's Photoshop Tennis Archives are back up. Also, on the main PsT page, they've posted some of the entries for the open slots, of which I like the first one.

Wednesday, July 23

I was pleased to discover (and a little embarrassed I didn't already know it after living in Houston for eight years) that my staunch allies below are mockingbirds (Mimus polyglottos), which is the state bird of Texas. This excerpt from the 1927 resolution adopting the mockingbird as our state bird is pretty sweet:
WHEREAS, Ornithologists, musicians, educators and Texans in all walks of life unite in proclaiming the mocking bird the most appropriate species for the state bird of Texas, as it is found in all parts of the state, in winter and in summer, in the city and in the country, on the prairie and in the woods and hills, and is a singer of distinctive type, a fighter for the protection of his home, falling, if need be, in its defense, like any true Texan;...
Also note that as mockingbirds are known for their unusual fidelity, my use of the term "wife" below appears to be justified.

Tuesday, July 22

A bug-eating birdI hate bugs. I used to hate birds, too, until I realized that some of them eat bugs. So the little fellow to the left, his wife, and I have formed an unholy alliance to eradicate the bugs from my lawn. I hope you like that picture, because it's not easy to carry around a camera and keep stopping to try to snap a picture of a very mobile critter while mowing the lawn.

Anyway, here's how our alliance works: I mow my lawn using a reel mower, which is nice and quiet and doesn't scare the birds off while they perch in a sumac tree at the edge of the yard. As I pass, I stir up the crickets and such, and the bugs scramble for the cover of the ever-diminishing patch of uncut grass. The birds take turns swooping down in my wake and use their long bills to catch them (see right).Artist's rendition I've seen them catch ten or so in the forty-five minutes it takes me to mow the whole lawn, so either they have a brood, or they just eat a lot.

Unfortunately, they eat the little lizards, too, obviously not realizing that they're on our side in this grand struggle. I shall have to work with them on that.

What do you get when you combine two graphic artists, a wisecracking web journalist, and a lazy Friday afternoon? Photoshop Tennis! One artist creates an image in Photoshop and "serves" it to his opponent, who modifies the image and "volleys" it back. This continues (usually) until ten images have been created. The web journalist provides the play-by-play and color commentary. Matches usually last only a few hours, then the public votes to determine the winner. The past two seasons have been a series of invitation matches, but this fall's season will take the form of a single-elimination tournament, which should be much more interesting. Some of the field will even be selected via an open competition.

The archives from the past two seasons at Coudal Partners are down at the moment in lieu of the third-season announcement, but they're worth checking out, so I will post a reminder when they're back up. In the meantime, check out Designologue, a somewhat more serious, non-competitive version.

Monday, July 21

Yum! I am having an Amy's Brown Rice & Vegetables Bowl for lunch today. It is made with organic tofu, brown rice, and vegetables; a vegan treat! Not that I care...I love meat and animal products, and I think that pork chops taste good. Nevertheless, I love Amy's food and the Amy's people outdid themselves on this bowl mostly because of the sesame tahini sauce. I haven't had the the Brown Rice & Vegetables Bowl for a long time because our grocery store doesn't seem to carry it, so I am especially excited about lunch.

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