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Friday, May 23

Sweet! I got linked to by, one of my favorite sites. Not for anything substantial mind you, just a mediocre wisecrack a couple of posts down. But given that I only set this thing up a couple of weeks ago, it's very exciting. As Drinky Crow might say if he was into blogging instead of boozing, "Being linked to is the best feeling in my poor world." But then he wouldn't be very drinky.

Wednesday, May 21

hmmmm...$5 million you say? We've got a long weekend coming up; what do you say to a little home cooking?

Stu, how much do you think we'll get if toxic mold kills Eustace, our beloved cat? $5 Million?

Update: McMahon's mold claim worth $7 mil. "Entertainer Ed McMahon reaped a $7 million settlement from several companies he sued for allowing toxic mold to overrun his Los Angeles home and kill his beloved dog, a national mold litigation magazine reported".
I wonder if the Prize Patrol delivered one of those oversized novelty checks with balloons tied to it.

Tuesday, May 20

Not that I really care one way or the other, but I think Clay is going to beat Ruben on American Idol. Last night after their "unofficial" bonus special, Heidi and I agreed that Clay sounded much better than Ruben. Whether it was just the song or actually the singing is unimportant. I also thought Ruben came across as moronic and boring in his one-on-one session. While I found the turkey-sandwich knockout story to be pretty amusing, I'm not sure it will impress the pre-teen and teenage girls who I imagine do the bulk of the voting. By comparison, Clay got the (unfair, in my opinion) benefit of having a female fan come up on stage for a big hug, giving all those aforementioned girls a vicarious thrill. Finally, I think Clay's winning the coin toss and opting to go second tonight will be a huge advantage, especially considering his proven ability to adapt and improve his performance as needed.

Sunday, May 18

Congratulations to our good friends KS & CS who got hitched yesterday evening. Very nice ceremony and kickass reception, featuring the incomparable El Orbits. I'm glad we took advantage of the opportunity to do some dancing. The whole affair was as well-planned and well-executed as any I've seen. A good time was had by all.

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What I'm reading now:
'Post Captain', by Patrick O'Brian
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'The First Man In Rome', by Colleen McCullough
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