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Friday, May 16

This re-naming tool is good for a larf or two. It might be useful for those of you who don't already have aliases. I have had mine, Jimmy Houlihan, since at least the first grade. (I think I originally spelled it Hoolihan. Fortunately it's not the kind of thing that gets written down.) I only got to use it a few times in my youth - getting in trouble with the bus driver, getting caught by some guy whose windshield I hit with a snowball: all occasions when the plaintiff had no way of verifying my true identity. I'm kind of sorry that I haven't used it more, but then, you don't want to go throwing a good alias around too often or it won't be any good. Like that Palestinian dude who always gets his name printed as "Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen)".

Wednesday, May 14

Stu Greene Muscle Car Fund Candidate #1

As promised, here is a sample muscle car ad. I love El Caminos (Los Caminos?), especially prior to 1970, before they lost the forward rake of the body either side of the headlights. Of course I haven't actually seen the car nor tried to verify anything in the ad, but "interior nice but needs carpet. Runs good" sounds pretty much like what I'm looking for - good enough to drive, not so good that I'd be worried about not being able to maintain it.

The asking price is $9500, and so far I've raised around $0. Do the math, then donate via the link on the right sidebar, under "Stu's Stuff". Thanks!

Tuesday, May 13

For those of you wondering what the deal is with the "Lucky Money Cat," which can be seen in every Japanese store and restaurant, Stu sent me this story:

Maneki Neko Legend (or the Legend of the Lucky Beckoning Cat)

According to ancient Japanese legend, this cat stood in the doorway of the Gotoku-ji temple and raised her paw in the traditional Japanese beckoning gesture to a feudal lord who was passing by. The feudal lord followed the cat into the temple and instantly, a lightning bolt struck the place where the lord had been standing. Thus the cat had saved his life. From then on, the Maneki Neko has been considered an incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy.

The sign reads "Please come in. You are welcome!" and the cat is beckoning you with his paw.

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