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Saturday, May 10

Speaking of Korea, one of Heidi's coworkers was kind enough to organize a Korean barbecue dinner for this evening. Since Heidi's return from living in Pusan for two years, she's been a bit off Korean food. I've been nagging her for two and a half years to go get some, and I finally prevailed. We went to Nam Gang, which is in the heart of the Houston Korean restaurant district, at Gessner and Longpoint. I ate way too much but had an excellent time, and most important, got my kimchi fix for another several months at least.

Thursday, May 8

Heidi, I've found us an excellent investment opportunity!
Report: North Korea to float bonds
By Allen Wan,
TOKYO (CBS.MW) -- The North Korean government is floating bonds that offer no interest but whose buyers will get an "expression of affection" from the communist regime, according to a pro-Pyongyang group in Japan.
The "People's Life Bonds" offer no interest over the 10-year lifespan, but, in the event purchasers win in a related lottery, the winner will be entitled to interest when the bonds are redeemed, said Choson Sinbo, the organ of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan.
Buyers of more than 1 million won worth of bonds will also be awarded with a decoration for their expression of affection for the home country by the North Korean government, Kyodo News reported.
The North Korean government is targeting the hundreds of thousands of Koreans living in Japan who are sympathetic to Pyongyang.
Easy Street, here we come!

Tuesday, May 6

For the record, Scrimshaw beat Indian Express by 3 lengths, if I'm reading this thing right. Who's uxorious now?

The Boss and I watched an old movie called "Lilies of the Field" last night. It starred Sidney Poitier in an Oscar-winning role as a sort of highly-skilled drifter (ex-SeaBee or Army Corps of Engineers maybe? I don't think the movie said) who is conscripted by some German nuns to build a chapel, gratis.

It was just about the sappiest, least nuanced thing I've ever seen, but for some reason it didn't seem anywhere near as offensive as today's feel-gooders. It was actually very enjoyable. I can imagine a decent modern remake starring, perhaps, a pragmatical Andre Braugher and authoritarian Judi Dench, but I fear we'd be all too likely to get a bumbling Tom Arnold and sassy Whoopi Goldberg in a clever photo-negative twist.

Why are old movies so much better than their new counterparts? Am I subconsciously making allowances for the relative overacting and poor production of yesteryear? Or is this a case of hyper-reactionarism (considering the above film was made ten years before I was born)?

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'Post Captain', by Patrick O'Brian
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