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Saturday, April 26

Stu Greene Musclecar Fund N.B.A.Q. (Never Been Asked Questions)

Q: What is the Stu Greene Musclecar Fund?
A: A fund to finance my purchase of a classic musclecar.

Q: What kind of musclecar?
A: Something fast, American-built ca. 1965-1973; good enough condition to drive, but not so good that I'll be afraid to; more or less original - i.e. no ostentatious racing modifications. I will periodically post links to sample musclecars for your perusal. Suggestions welcome.

Q: Why should I donate?
A: This is a very popular question that's never been asked a lot. Usually it doesn't get asked in one of these several forms:
1. Why don't you spend your own money? - If I had some, I would.
2. How do I know my donation is actually going towards a real musclecar, and not some bogus cause like Shi-Tzu Rescue? - When I buy my musclecar, if you can track me down, and if you can demonstrate that you have made a donation, I will personally give you a ride around the block.
3. What's in it for me? - You should take pride in helping preserve a valuable piece of your American heritage and in knowing that you will have made a fellow human being very happy.

Q: Who benefits from this fund?
A: In order of precedence: me, presumably the guy from whom I buy the musclecar, and in a sense, all Americans.

Q: How do I donate?
A: Use the Amazon Honor System button on the right edge of this page, under "Stu's Stuff".

Friday, April 25

S: do you have any interest in starting a blog? It could be a joint project. I'm mildly interested, but I know I couldn't produce any sort of volume. I started one anyway at I can add you as an editor if you promise not to blog about all the guys you're screwing.
H: Why in the world are you starting a blog? Why in the world did you name it thehorrorofbeingalive? Is life, or life with me, that bad? Basically, if you think the entire idea of blogs, and putting your life out there for all to inspect is abhorrant, why would you want one? What would we blog about?
S: The answer to nearly all your questions is "I dunno". And the title is taken from a line by Drinky Crow of Maakies. That's probably not the title I would use anyway, but rest assured it has nothing to do with the quality of life.
H: I suppose we can give it a shot. Now that I know where the name comes from I suppose it is OK. Were you inspired to start a blog because you were astonishingly bored at work today?
S: actually, yes.
H: We can make this our first entry.
And a new dream began...

Stu's Stuff
What I'm reading now:
'Post Captain', by Patrick O'Brian
What I read last:
'The First Man In Rome', by Colleen McCullough
If the above seems out of date, I've almost certainly reverted to either Patrick O'Brian or P.G. Wodehouse
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